Aims and Research Fields


We have three aims when undertaking our work at the IÖB.

  1. Our general remit is to establish Economic Education in the German general education system and push through innovations in the curriculum.
  2. Levels of understanding and knowledge in Economics across wide sections of the population are in desperate need of improvement. We work with the following prerequisites: good ideas, good teachers, good materials and a good policy on publications.
  3. Particularly in countries undergoing dramatic economic transition, Economic Education is an important subject. In undertaking economic educational projects in Central and Eastern Europe, we are supporting the Internationalisation Strategy of the University of Oldenburg.

Our research fields related to Economic Education in all forms of German general education system include:

  1. The qualification of teachers through teacher training programmes, further and advanced training for teachers
  2. Targeted ideas, thematic concepts and language concepts for Economic Education – Curriculum Research and Development
  3. Research in teaching and learning
  4. Crossovers between theory and practice in Economic Education in schools and in lessons
  5. Professional and study guidance
  6. E-learning in Economic Education and internet-based qualifications for teachers and for the field of extra-curricular activity
  7. Economic Education in transition economies