Cooperation Partners

Cooperation as a core part of our guiding principle

Considered as one interlocking whole, the Oldenburg model contains four key areas that seek to embed Economics Education in the general secondary school system in Germany in a sustainable manner. One of these key areas is systematically partnering up with promoters and sponsors who are willing to support particular projects. These partnerships include and involve foundations and charities, companies, societies, federal state ministries, institutions specialising in further and advanced training of teachers as well as universities both at home and abroad.
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Aims of Cooperation

We rely on our project partners to ensure that economic content is more significantly embedded in all types of schools; and that teachers are supported in this innovative mission.  Numerous projects promoting application-oriented and life-related learning are both initiated and supervised through Public Private Partnerships (PPPs). Deep and far-reaching cooperation between the affiliated institute (IÖB), the university (IfÖB) as well as other universities, schools, companies, foundations, charities and societies, both at home and abroad, create networks for Economics Education. These networks combine both academic substance with practical everyday application. The efficiency of these networks is measured on how well they come across to school children.

Who are our Cooperation Partners?

The German business newspaper Handelsblatt is one of our partners. We jointly publish the economics newspaper Newcomer, aimed at school children. Another one of our partners is the state-run Arbeitsagentur [Employment Agency] in Oldenburg, which promotes a career guidance project for school children. Numerous companies in Oldenburg are also involved and they organise open days in companies as well as other special training days to give students a taster of work life. We also work together with Oldenburg’s chief newspaper Nordwest-Zeitung, which organises a Summer Garden Lecture with us. This event has become somewhat of an institution in its own right, explaining complex economic phenomena to the wider public. Companies, such as EWE AG, the high street bank Oldenburgische Landesbank AG (OLB) and the Oldenburg Chamber of Commerce (IHK), play a particularly important role as well as other partners who put together sustainable projects for Economic Education.

Why not sponsor one of the joint projects?

Would you like to get yourself involved in promoting Economic Education in general secondary schools in Germany and beyond? Would you like to have something to show for your commitment to good causes? If so, then please get in contact with us. Your first port of call is the wigy e. V. office in our headquarters in Oldenburg, Germany; and which plays an intermediary role between the economy, academia and schools. wigy e. V. is involved in many of our projects.

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Alternatively, you can contact the management directly. We look forward to hearing from you!