Further and Advanced Training

Further and Advanced Training – internet-supported, modular and tailor-made

The demand for further and advanced training in Economic Education is huge. The online portal of “Ökonomische Bildung online” [Economic Education online] (ÖBO) has managed to establish a nationwide qualification programme for further and advanced training. The IÖB offers courses leading to qualifications and these courses have already been taught successfully in cooperation with Ministries of Cultural Affairs and State Institutions for Teacher Training in numerous federal states right across Germany. Attuned to the curricula of the individual federal states in Germany, we enable teachers to fulfil federal state curriculum requirements in their own teaching. Participants completing the modular-based further and advanced training programmes are normally awarded an Attendance Certificate or a Certificate from the Federal State and the Home Institution who ran the programme.

Programme offering individual and practical training:

  • To suit each and every requirement, the length of each individual course varies: there are courses lasting just a few months to courses leading to a certificate lasting two years and even three-year-long extension course programmes.
  • Developed by IÖB, the Ecedon online learning platform is available to participants, irrespective of time and place. Participants not only have access to the e-learning modules in the disciplines of business administration, economics, law, education and teaching methods, but will also have academic supervision from their assigned online tutor.
  • Regular attendance at these programmes is an important requirement for the courses, eventually leading to a qualification.
  • The educational concept behind the programmes includes support structures to cater for participants’ daily work schedule with online and printed lesson materials based on the curriculum (See, for instance, www.wigy.de).


In 2010, our blended learning platform “Ökonomische Bildung Online” [Economic Education online] (ÖBO) was singled out for the seal of approval from the vebn (eLearning Business Association in Northern Germany).




Our staff will gladly advise you in matters regarding courses that lead to a qualification in Economic Education. You can find the relevant contact here.

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