IÖB International

In focus: Central and Eastern Europe

As an institution with a strong focus on research, it is vitally important that our activities have an international focus. The former planned economies of Central and Eastern Europe form the centrepiece of our international work. We address the challenges of globalisation, economic relations and educational policy through an academic exchange and dialogue with universities, school and other educational institutions in different countries. We currently have on-going mutual relations and projects, particularly with the Russian Federation (from 1990) and with Poland (from 2002).

Staff in our international department devote much of their time and energy in Economic Education to research questions and activities, particularly in

  • developing and implementing internet-supported courses leading to qualifications in Economic Education;
  • developing and monitoring school pilot projects;
  • distributing teaching and learning ideas about Economic Education;
  • analyzing the situation of Economic Education in other countries and the impact of resulting project activities; and
  • facilitating cooperation and networks in teaching and research.


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