Network of Russian Universities

The network of Russian Universities was established as a part of the SINTEZ project (1999-2003) and was sponsored by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). The main aim of the network is to promote Economic Education in Russia. The universities belonging to the network have been jointly involved in the INTEKOR project, one that implements internet-based further education courses for teachers of Economics.  

The following universities are current members of the network:

  • Novosibirsk State University
  • Perm State University
  • Perm State Teacher Training University
  • Moscow State University
  • State Russian Herzen Pedagogical University, St. Petersburg
  • Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg
  • Kazan State University
  • Novosibirsk State University for Economics and Management

The Aims of the Network are to:

  1. promote the system of Economic Education in Russia and Germany;
  2. create the conditions necessary for the use of the creative potential and professional skills and abilities of the participants of the network;
  3. undertake research into Economic Education, particularly investigating aspects related to the modernisation of the education systems; and also conducting market research into educational services;
  4. develop teaching and learning materials for Economic Education;
  5. carrying out joint projects to develop Economic Education in Russia and Germany;
  6. integrate network participants’ material and intellectual resources for the organizational, educational and academic design of teaching; and
  7. develop a basis for and the monitoring of distance learning in schools, in university studies and in further education in Economic Education.