School Pilot Projects in Russia

Introducing the subject of Economics into the Russian school system in the 1990s was a significant innovation. The subject was, however, often taught by teachers with little or no expertise in the field. For this reason, the IÖB initiated two pilot projects in 2007 with a total of 29 schools in and around Moscow and Novosibirsk. The aim of these pilot projects was and remains the promotion of Economics as a taught subject in the classroom.

The project consisted of interlinking an internet-based training programme for teachers and supporting theory-to-practice transfer of knowledge. Ideas and teaching materials were adapted to the local economic conditions in Russia. These materials were translated and made available. Further training of teachers as well as the theory-to-practice transfer of knowledge received wide support from those tutors in both regions, particularly those who were qualified.

The idea of the school pilot project has stood the test of time. Originally, school pilot projects targeted Economics in the classrooms of years 8 and 9. Strong demand meant that the idea was extended into years ten and eleven.