Poland – Expansion of the Network of Cooperation

Staff of a school company in Poland after receiving their certificates


From the 1990s onwards, contacts have been established with institutions which play a role in Economic Education in Poland. The IÖB has fostered contacts with the Polish Economics Society, with the school inspectorate, centres of further education, universities and upper secondary schools. Two areas of research and project work in Poland, in particular, have taken centre stage in IÖB’s own engagement: firstly, further and advanced teacher training in Economic Education; and secondly, the support of professional teaching practice.


Since 2004, IÖB has been carrying out school pilot projects for teachers in the Lubusz province in western Poland, where the subject “Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship” or “Economics in Practice” (to be introduced in 2012) are taught. In these pilot projects, teachers are given advanced, internet-based training. The IÖB has, furthermore, developed learning materials for lessons in Polish schools, which have been tried and tested by teachers. The school pilot projects are conducted in close cooperation with the Board of Trustees and Centre of Methods in Gorzów Wielkopolski in Western Poland. EWE Poland sponsors IÖB’s engagement in Poland.