Russia – a long-standing partnership

The Institute for Economic Education (IÖB) has been working together with its Russian partners from universities, schools and education administration since 1989 to promote Economic Education. Since then, cooperation with different educational establishments has been entrenched, particularly in the framework of European and other support projects.

Fruitful contact with Russian universities led to the establishment of a University Network for Economic Education in 2000, which includes universities in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Novosibirsk.


IÖB signed a Cooperation Agreement with the Russian Academy of Education in 2009.

Working in partnership with Russian academics, the IÖB offers the following services:

  • school visits (connected with the advanced courses for teachers)
  • development of ideas regarding Economic Education which is geared up for particular target groups
  • qualifying teachers to teach Economic Education in schools
  • supporting Economics in schools through internet databases, school books and curricula
  • developing models for study programmes for initial teacher training at universities
  • establishing further and advanced training systems, programmes of study and qualifying tutors and lecturers, all of which are internet-supported
  • providing the infrastructure for internet-based teaching and learning processes


The magazine “EKONOMIKA” has played an important role in introducing Economic Education, and has particularly offered support to teachers and academics. More

School Pilot Projects in Russia

On September 1, 2007, a School Pilot Project was launched between the Institute for Economic Education (IÖB) in Oldenburg and nine schools in the Moscow conurbation (Balaschicha, Krasnogorsk, Koroljov, Lobnja, Sarja and Moscow). More

German Department of the International Higher Education Academy of Sciences at the University of Oldenburg

In August 2004, the inaugural meeting of the German Department of the International Higher Education Academy of Sciences (IHEAS) took place at the University of Oldenburg. More