One of our most important tasks is to supply the German general secondary education system with materials and media for lessons in Economics. Moreover, we would like to draw attention to schools where good ideas for Economics lessons have already been put into practice. To encourage these ideas, we run, for instance, competitions and also offer:

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  • School books as well as teaching guides and workbooks for teachers and students
  • Specialist media for lessons related to emerging or regionally significant industries (up to now: the energy industry and maritime industries).
  • Specialist education films about key concepts in economics and key areas of the energy industry
  • Lesson units on themes, such as financial literary, globalisation, etc (in cooperation with the German Handelsblatt newspaper)
  • Learning portals which can be used to complement lessons in schools
  • Competitions with sustainability in mind, encouraging students to enhance the professional nature of the quality and the results of their own classes
  • A range of 2000 different resources which can be accessed by members of wigy e. V. at (some resources are available free of charge)

School Development

Together with schools, we also develop:

  • Profiles preparing and equipping them for the future
  • Curricula in Economic Education within schools for internal use and specific to the region in which the school is located


Our staff will gladly advise you in matters regarding Economic Education. You can find the relevant contact here.