Continued Professional Development (CPD)

IÖB’s qualification provisions are underpinned by an online system for modules that run alongside teachers’ professional commitments, as well as a programme of teacher training and continued professional development that is conceptually joined-up and jointly delivered at two locations in Oldenburg (affiliated institute IÖB and IfÖB at the university).  

Qualification system

Teachers can gain qualifications for teaching Economics with IOB’s programme of continued professional development courses, ones that can be done part-time alongside teaching commitments and are fit-for-purpose. These courses build on conceptual and systematic foundation as delivered in initial teaching training at the University of Oldenburg Institute for Economic Education (IfÖB) where university teacher trainees are offered a Bachelor and Master programme of study. Provisions for initial university teacher training as well as continued professional development in Economic Education at two locations in Oldenburg is unique in the whole of Germany.

In offering these provisions, the aim is to connect academic study, in-school teacher training practice and the on-the-job qualifications in Economic Education systematically, using modern e-learning formats and database systems. It is necessary to establish a holistic qualification system geared towards the teachers’ changing professional requirements.

Needs-based continued professional development

Teaching Economics as a teacher from a different discipline presents teachers with massive challenges. But even teachers trained to teach Economics are required to keep a close eye on the constant changes in economic activity and its effects for their lessons. That is the reason why we instituted and constantly developed an internet-based system of qualifications right from when the institute was founded. These qualifications offer teachers a needs-based continual professional development package ranging from certificate-awarding training courses in cooperation with German federal ministries to topic-specific training in the school network in eleven German federal states and also overseas.

Supporting teaching practice

Differing from the many typical continued professional development training concepts, teaching practice is always at the centrepiece of our approach. Alongside the delivery of specialist and subject-related didactic content, everyday support plays a central role. Materials are, therefore, always available for use in lessons relating to the subject-specific and subject-related didactic modules. In the future, adaptive learning methods and self-directed learning processes among students will experience an increase in importance in our provisions.

Wide range of provisions

Whilst working through the individual chapters in the modules leading to a qualification, numerous tailor-made provisions are displayed within the learning environment. These provisions offer self-assessment, in-depth specialisation as well as material and ideas for use in lessons, ranging from teaching materials and articles prepared through didactic methods to explanatory films, additional material and digital self-assessment tests.

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